ROVHUB is the first dedicated online marketplace for hiring, buying and selling ROVs.

Our founder, David Gault, has 30 years’ experience in commercial intelligence and business development, including senior positions with subsea contractors, well-known market research companies and in shipbroking. Using input from many industry contacts we have developed ROVHUB as a uniquely simple but powerful way of facilitating ROV business across diverse industry sectors, worldwide.

ROVHUB makes it quick and easy for those with ROV requirements to search across thousands of ROVs and hundreds of owners, and with a few clicks of a mouse to create a shortlist of providers, send requests and receive responses by a chosen deadline. All this is FREE for registered enquirers.

For ROVs owners, we aim to be an essential extension to your business development efforts, whilst recognising that your own team is best placed to sell your services to the client. We deliver qualified leads directly to your inbox and you decide whether to pursue each opportunity. There’s a modest introduction fee to ROVHUB if you do, but no further commission.

ROVHUB is completely independent, with no affiliation to any owner, manufacturer or contractor. We are comprehensive, hosting and updating one of the biggest databases of ROV models, manufacturers and owners anywhere. We are efficient and effective at matching requirements and suppliers, saving you time and money over traditional procurement and marketing methods.

We look forward to assisting your business.

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